Mobile Phone Spy App

A Mobile Phone Spy, bears a certain list of features useful for any wanting spy. People face a lot of thrills and suspense today in their lives. This increases in counting, too. Anywhere you turn crimes happen. Sometimes, banks close down due to deceitful employees. Children disappear and gets lost. More divorces and separation happens in marriages. A lot of these problems can be accounted to secrecy. If only a person can be closely watched and overlooked of what her or she is always doing.

A Mobile Phone Spy should be the answer. It can record call histories, text messages, emails, photos, videos, contacts, memos, events, browser history and more. It can even keep track on your family, children, employees, friends or anyone with just the use of a cellphone tracker. It is the most advance application in phone technology today.

A spy mobile phone allows access to a lot of information stored in a phone. In terms of compatibility, it supports every smartphone. It works best for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry phone. With the easy steps to follow, the software is Continue reading…


The Philippines is Asia’s Newest WIFI Hotspot, with Free WIFI for Everyone to Enjoy This Year End

With a whooping annual budget of more than 1 billion pesos, now, Filipinos can enjoy the services of free WIFI for all when they are in their schools, visiting parks, local airports, walking dogs at parks, being at the hospital and other places across the land. Bloomberg’s has said, along their website post, that the main reason was due to a defensive argument by lawmakers on constant slow Internet connection in the country, where speed has been found to be comparable only with Afghanistan in Asia (data results reported by the International Data Corp. or IDC.) And, these guys won. Such wonderful project should be able to cut-down data charges in the Philippines, by end of 2016.

 A Free WIFI for all also means that profits are getting lower for PLDT and Globe Telecom Inc. in the next days to come. What does this mean? Well, such big change in our I.T. industry should also boosts this top tech companies in performance and services, which might add better deals in the market for local consumers to benefit as well as choose from, in the near future. But, on this issue, Monchito Ibrahim, who currently sits as deputy executive director of the Information and Communications Technology Office, today, mentioned, what is important and should be a priority for them is a free WIFI supply to local communities with no internet connection at all, at the moment. These areas would benefit most in terms of clearer communication, faster emails and teaching the value of social media to the lives of the local inhabitants.

Furthermore, the project is expected to endow a suffice connectivity speed of 256 kbps, just right for surfing sites, using Facebook and web 2.0 sites and, also, conveying emails. Another country offering Free WIFI in Asia is Singapore, which is, actually, faster than what is planned in our country, of almost 2 mbps for their own users to enjoy. The same is also proposed in New Delhi, India.

According to Senator Bam Aquino, “What I’m looking for is really a major broadbandplan.” Although PLDT and Globe confirmed a draining of revenues from their clients in therecent years, the two (2) giants didn’t reclined in saying that they would help the governmentmake this dream possible. These companies are, presently, looking into the prospects of the said project.


Call to undefined function adrotate_ad() – WordPress – Solved

I recently upgraded one of my blogs to the latest WordPress version (WordPress 4.2.2 as of this writing) and it seems everything is running fine on the homepage. However, when I read some post, I’ve found out the Sidebar is missing and some functions which I’ve added at the end of every post are missing too or not uploading.

Then I saw this ” Fatal error: Call to undefined function adrotate_ad() in – …./single.php on line 29″. Seeing the “adrotate_ad” within the line, I tried to deactivate the plugin but the error is still there after I refresh the page.


I thought Google is my friend. When I searched for this error, most of the result pages and suggestions are pointing to AdRotate Pro (which is not free anymore).

So what is the best solution then?

Easy. Delete the AdRotate plugin. Easy right? Continue reading…


Yahoo Mail Not Responding – Solved!

Two days ago, my Yahoo mail is not responding. I can login but I cannot open a single email. I’m planning to switch to a classic theme, since I’m using another one, but nothing is happening whenever I tried to click on any link within the Yahoo mail application.

I even asked my colleague who is using Yahoo mail regularly. He cannot even tell the proper solution for my dilemma. He thought it could be problem within the Yahoo mail server or perhaps even on the browser that I’m using.

And then, after some few minutes thinking on what to do, I’ve found the solution to my problem.

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Free Norton Password Manager

I’ve been using Password Manager for almost 8 years already since I started managing more than 30+ email accounts and almost 20 blogs. Managing 20 blogs would mean, I have to remember not only the Admin password but also all the databases and sometimes even different CPanel login pages. Paper and pen doesn’t work for me.

One of my requirements for a password manager is that it  can syncs all my stuff between desktop, web and mobile apps specially on Android.

I’ve been using LastPass to manage my password.  However, the free edition doesn’t have mobile support. Since I’m using my mobile phone more often than my laptop now, I searched for the best FREE password manager that I can use on my Android phone.  My search didn’t take long. Continue reading…


Download Your FREE Google Earth Pro and License Here

Yes, it’s FREEEE! Google Earth Pro version which used to cost $399 annually is now FREE!

I’ve been using Google Earth free version for the longest time. We are also using it in our family as an education tool for the kids  specially on their various subjects in school like Social Science and Geography.  We are also using it pretty much when we’re planning for our next vacation to give us information on how the city and terrain looks like. We enjoy using the 360 degrees images so we will know more or less what we will expect when we arrive in our destination. It’s absolutely a must as an education for you and your family.


If you go to Google Earth Pro sign-up page to download, it still showing the “free trial” URL but believe me, everything in there is free already. In fact,  you will see a bar stating ” Sign up is no longer required for Google Earth Pro”. google-earth-pro-free-sign-up-download Continue reading…


Skype Password Rules Finally Solved!

“skype password too short, skype keeps saying my password is too short, skype password length, not secure enough?” These are just some of irritating feedback anyone is experiencing when trying to create a Skype Password. I know the feeling because it happened to me as well.

After upgrading my laptop to Windows 8.1, I was “forced: to use the new Skype. I still want to use my old laptop with my current Skype account on it so I created a new Skype account. However, when I tried to create a new account, I’m getting stuck on the password field. It won’t let me use the password I want! I’ve tried at least three different passwords, but Skype won’t accept them.


Until I decided to find out what kind of password Skype really wants. After searching Skype forum, I’ve finally found what I’m looking for.

To summarize, a Skype password must: Continue reading…


Textfx Notepad++ Missing – Solved

I was doing some research and copied a title from a PDF file. Unfortunately, the title of the subject is written in all caps (upper case). Being a lazy writer, I opened NotePad++ to convert the UPPER CASE to Proper Case.

To my surprise, the function to convert the characters is missing. I don’t know how did it happen. I guess it was  when I upgraded the NotePad++ to the latest version. I’m currently using v6.6.7



Notepad++ missing TextFx menu

Notepad++ missing TextFx menu

I have  solved the problem by trial and error. I’ve found two methods on how to fix it after few minutes.

To solve the problem, all you have to do is to install the missing TextFX menu. How?


Here are the two methods to make the TextFX menu appear.

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Samsung Gear Hangs Up – Solved

After I wrote about the update of Samsung Gear application in my previous post, later that day my gear hangs up. I really don’t have any idea how did it happened. I think it was when I removed the gear from my laptop while charging and I’d pressed something on it. It could be the power button or the display. I can’t remember which one.

When I noticed that it was already on a hanging state, I did my best to press on the power button to either bring me back to the ‘home’ or I was hoping it will reboot on its own. Unfortunately, nothing is happening not even a flicker of light. I went home later that day from the office with my Samsung Gear on, all the time! I can even feel a slight heat under the display area.


So how did I solve it? Continue reading…


Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit Update – June 18, 2014

As I was about to get out of our house this morning and grab my Samsung Gear together with my S4 mobile phone, I’d noticed there was a notification on Gear Fit Manager application to update the software.

I thought at first it was just the Gear Fit Manager application only. However, after upgrading itself, it connected to the Gear device and somehow it also updated the firmware.

samsung gear customize

I didn’t see any significant changes on the application nor on the device. Nothing was mentioned after the upgrade what were the changes. However, upon checking Samsung website, here’s what you can expect in this update:

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