Active Directory Management and Sytem Administration Tool

After almost a decade working in my current company, finally we will have an official System Administrator. I’ve been a part-time system administrator of our company since it started almost 10 years ago and mind you, it’s not an easy job. Managing multiple servers, user accounts, checking updates, security issues and vulnerabilities are just some of my daily tasks that I’m doing.

DSRazor - System Administration Tool To tell you honestly, our corporate business network setup is very simple. We have three internet connections and multiple servers 3 located in three different countries. Managing them is actually a breeze for me already.


However, managing local domains is a bit challenging to me. Our current setup is only a peer-to-peer network and this is where the problem lies. As we grow in numbers, the network problems seems to grow also. My primary role in the company is to develop software and I don’t have time anymore to monitor what’s going on in our network. So our company decided to hire a new System Administrator.

With the new System Administrator, the network is designed to use Active Directory to easily manage all the resources. Managing is easy but setting up the active directory is a bit challenge. Instead of relying on Windows server, our company agreed to evaluate some Active Directory management tool. One of the tools that we are currently evaluating is the DSRAZOR for Windows from Visual Click.

I don’t want to sound like a sales agent here, so if you are looking for a system administrator tool, go check out Visual Click site. We already downloaded a copy of DSRAZOR for Windows and just waiting for our new System Administrator’s evaluation and recommendation.

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