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Make Money On FaceBook – Paid $2M Already Since 2011

That’s right, you can make money on FaceBook alone. No, you don’t need to sell anything and no, you don’t need to create your own sales page either.

  • No product selling.
  • No need to tell your friends to Like on anything.
  • No sharing, just tell Facebook.

This is directly under FaceBook and some of it’s websites they have acquired like Instagram.

One user or researcher from Brazil was paid by Facebook an award of $33,500!

Last year, 2013, Facebook paid out $1.5 Million in total.

How Can You Make Money? Read more…

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Posted by admin - April 10, 2014 at 1:50 pm

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iTunes University with Free Books and Courses

My wife lends me her iPad for indefinite time. The reason? She got her new iPad mini last Christmas. It was a gift from her brother.

I actually can’t find any use of the iPad because I’m already satisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Until I decided to check on some applications that runs exclusively on iOS.

Have you ever wanted to learn a specific subject like Programming, Creative Writing, or even Acting? This impressive application can help you with all those things, without destroying your bank account.

If you are looking for cheaper textbook alternatives, then iTunes U is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Read more…

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Posted by admin - February 7, 2014 at 11:09 am

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Disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?

“Disk not formatted. do you want to format now?”. Have you tried connecting an external USB drive in your computer and saw this Windows’ message? This happened to me when I inserted my friend’s Maxtor external drive in my laptop running in Windows 7. The hard disk is my friend’s repository for her photos and videos. She told me the files are the product of her 3 years as a photographer.

When I’d asked her what happened, she informed me that she forgot to turn-on the power of the external drive while copying some pictures from her camera. It was already too late when she found out the hard disk was not functioning anymore. When she turned it on, the dreaded “”Disk not formatted. do you want to format now?” message appeared.
format drive windows message

Although the Windows is asking to format the drive,  the real life question is actually ” are you willing to lose all your files?”. If you are not sure, you better not to format it! So choose NO!

So how can you get your files if Windows’ can’t even access your hard disk?

Here’s what I did. Read more…

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Posted by admin - June 28, 2013 at 5:23 pm

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Infographics: The History of Programming Languages

Did you know that the first programming language is over 100 years old and was written by a woman? Find out the name of the first lovely programmer below. And don’t forget to read the tips on secure programming.

Source of Infographic

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Free Data Recovery Software for Mac

Faster…grab iSkySoft Data Recovery for Mac totally FREE from now until May 15, 2013! This is a special Mother’s Day Giveaway.


iSkySoft Data Recovery for Mac is a safe, affordable & Do-It-Yourself data recovery software for mac.

Key features of iSkySoft Data Recovery for Mac.

  • DIY Data Recovery Made Easy.

Mac Users in distress, never fear, iSkysoft Data Recovery for Mac is here. It’s the easiest, fastest and safest solution to recover data lost by accidental deletion, formatting, improper operation, and most other reasons you can think of. Using the latest powerful scanning algorithms, it can scan any Mac-based hard drive or external hard drive without destroying any data, and lets you recover photos, video, documents, music, archive files, and email messages in no time at all.

  • Data Recovery on Mac Anyone Can Use

  • Lost Data Recovery – Retrieve lost data emptied from your Trash bin or deleted by Command + Delete, complete with original file names and folders.
  • Raw Data Recovery – Completely scan your drive and recover files by “file signature”.
  • Partition Recovery – Recover data from lost, deleted, resized and corrupted partitions.
  • Resume Recovery – Save your scan results to perform data recovery later.
  • Recover Everything You Need

Recover almost any file, including but not limited to documents, photos, video, music, email, and archive files.

Recover from any internal and external hard drive, USB flash drive, digital camera, memory cards, iPod, media player and other portable devices.

Restore data lost due to deletion, formatting, virus infection, improper operation, unexpected power failure, software crash and other unknown reasons.

Fully compatible with 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7, 10.6 and 10.5.

Recover data from HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS files systems.

  • Preview Recoverable Files

View photos in thumbnail or cover flow view and easily check image quality before recovery.

Preview video and audio files to check whether or not they’re what you are searching for.

Open documents, email and archive files to see they’re intact and the ones you need.

  • Risk-Free Data Recovery

This data recovery application only scans existing data on your drive. It’s a read-only process, so nothing will be changed except for your data will be back!

By the way, Wondershare is the former name of iSkySoft.

More Bigger Discounts for Mother’s Day Below! Read more…

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Happy 20th Birthday WWW!

This is actually a belated happy birthday greetings to WWW already. WWW was born on April 30, 1993 at CERN laboratory.


I became aware of WWW 3 years after it was born. I was in the University at that time taking a Computer Science course. I remember my classmates and I were only using BBS to exchange ideas and files over the wire (wifi is unheard of).

www birthday

First Webhost
WWW was born at CERN led by Tim Berners-Lee. The first website in the world was hosted on Berners-Lee’s NeXT computer.

First Website Content

So what’s the content of this first website? Well, not so much actually. It only described the basic features of the web; how to access other people’s documents and how to set up your own server.

First IP of

First URL

The first URL was:  Read more…

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Posted by admin - May 2, 2013 at 9:17 pm

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Samsung Galaxy S IV Leaked Screenshots

The Samsung Galaxy SIV will be launched next week, March 14, at Radio City Music Hall in New York. As of this writing, the Samsung S IV’s features hasn’t been revealed to anybody. A blog in New York Times, reveals the special event next week in New York will be mostly on software, not hardware.

An exclusive leaked images or screenshots of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV is posted in an Israeli website. Here are some of them:

Samsung SIV Front

Home Screen

Samsung Galaxy SIV Home Screen Device

4G LTE Icon Highlighted

Read more…

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Posted by admin - March 7, 2013 at 4:46 pm

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Cobian Backup : Couldn’t Create The Destination Directory

I’m a fan of Cobian Backup, the best FREE backup software that I’ve tried. In fact, I’ve been using Cobian Backup for the past 7 years already!

However, when I upgraded the software this morning, I encountered a problem wherein the program can’t create the destination directory. The destination directory is located on another PC but connected on the same network. When I tried to write a file using Windows Explore onto the directory, it was successful!

What could be the problem? How can I write using Windows Explorer while Cobian Backup 10 can’t? It’s actually on Windows permission rights. The Cobian Backup I installed is setup to run as a Windows service. Almost all Windows services are using the “Local System” account. However, the other PC won’t let the “Local System” account to access the directory.

What are the possible solutions? 

First make sure you (or the Windows user) have the required access rights. You can easily test this by going to the destination directory and copy a file there.

Second, change the installation mode of Read more…

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Posted by admin - January 23, 2013 at 10:59 pm

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Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps for Your Smartphone

Get your smartphone ready for we are going to give you the Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps. At long last, you can spice up your dull-looking photos without purely relying on Photoshop. You can apply a variety of effects as you get to share your favorite moments to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Best Android Camera

courtesy of

Of course, we want what’s best for you. That is why we did some extra digging just to make sure that you will be able to make the most out of your phone’s snapper. All that you need to do is to read our list and choose the app that you think would be the best match for your smartphone. No worries. All of these apps can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

1 – Streamzoo
By Phonezoo Communications, Inc
Price: Free

If there is an app that is worth to be compared to Instagram, it’s none other than Streamzoo. And just like Instagram, this app features its own community of photo lovers. You will also be able to create your own user profile, earn some badges as you get to showcase your spectacular photos to your friends and followers. Truly, this app can be considered as one of the most brilliant camera apps that you can get from the Google Play Store.

2 – Instagram
By Instagram, Inc
Price: Free

Almost everyone knows about Instagram. Well, who doesn’t when it’s one of the best camera apps that you can download for free. Plus, this app is packed with a whole bunch of photo effects such as frames, borders and filters. You can easily edit your images in a matter of few taps. No need to transfer and edit your images on Photoshop. And if ever you feel like bragging your HDR quality images to your friends, you can freely do so. Just share your photo to the Instagram community and presto! You can have your own photo gallery.

3 – Pudding Camera
Price: Free

The Pudding Camera is more like an app that you can use to replace your phone’s default camera. It has its own camera settings and it also flaunts it very impressive interface. You can preview your photo in full screen and you can easily activate the flash in a single tap. And if ever you want to enhance the quality of your image, all that you need to do is to select a camera filter. You can set your photos to Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy, Triplex and a whole lot more.

4 – Paper Camera
By JFDP Labs
Price: $1.99

This app is apparently the only app in this list that cannot be downloaded for free. Even so, there’s no reason for you to step back. Paper Camera is a very impressive camera application and it can instantly transform your photos to cartoon-like creations. The outcome of the image will definitely impress you. It’s like you have paid a human artist to sketch your images. And if you don’t have any talent in drawing, this app will give you the opportunity to draw without using any ink.

5 – Labelbox
By Stepcase
Price: Free

Out of all the camera apps in this list, the Labelbox app is probably the most unique. That’s because the developers behind this app managed to innovate the concept of photo tagging. With this app, you can attach a variety of beautiful tapes to your still shots. To do so, you just need to swipe your finger to the place where you want the fancy tape to be placed. After which, input some fancy texts or shake your phone to correct any typing mistakes. You can also share your images to Steply, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. Read more…

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Apple Introduces iPhone-5

As of this writing, Apple is just about to launch iPhone 5. Searching the words “iPhone 5″ on Apple’s official website, it shows and confirms the new product is already on it’s way. The results page shows this:


Apple iPhone 5 Result Page

Although the links are still broken and can’t be found yet. These links will be visible to the public soon since the launching will start anytime now. The launch will start start at 10 a.m. PT.

Research analyst Brian White of of Topeka Capital, believes that 1.3–1.5 million for the iPhone 5 will be pre-order and Apple will make a killing of 10-12 million units to be sold for September quarter alone. White said “Apple launch of iPhone 5 is going to be the “biggest upgrade in consumer electronics history”". That history is set to be unfold in less than an hour as of this writing.

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