iPad Not Charging From PC and Laptop

ipad charger om usb laptop

Here’s are just some of the complaints I heard from my friends who are iPad fanatics.

“My iPad won’t charge using my laptop’s USB”.

“iPad is showing “Not Charging” when using the USB cord”.

Sounds familiar?

Do you have problem in charging your iPad using your laptop, PC or any USB ports?

Well, I do!

I left my iPad’s wall charger in our house and when the battery of my iPad goes down to 10%, I quickly asked my office mates if they brought their wall charger or else I won’t be able to finish my DragonVale game :) . I was disappointed when they all shouted “NO”.

Luckily for me, one of our reliable network admin staff brought the USB cord (only), without the wall charger itself. I told myself that I’m still  lucky (or so I thought) because I can just plug-in the USB cord in any USB ports of my laptop and it will work. Boom!!! The reality hit me hard. None of the USB ports of my laptop works! Not even the USB ports of any other PCs in our office.

Panic sets in. How can I finish my DragonVale Game without my Ipad’s power? I saw one of our boss using a USB wall charger. Unfortunately, I can’t just simply borrow it because he’s using it to power his MP3 players (and he’s currently enjoying “his” music).

I’m in total despair! I browsed the internet if there’s any solution to the USB power problem of iPad. What I’ve found were mostly complaints and more complaints!

However, my search for the solution ended successfully. I’ve found a very intelligent and should I say smart way to charge  not only your iPad but including iPhone/iPod too! It can even charge your Apple devices up to 50% faster! Read more…

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Samsung Galaxy S IV Leaked Screenshots

The Samsung Galaxy SIV will be launched next week, March 14, at Radio City Music Hall in New York. As of this writing, the Samsung S IV’s features hasn’t been revealed to anybody. A blog in New York Times, reveals the special event next week in New York will be mostly on software, not hardware.

An exclusive leaked images or screenshots of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV is posted in an Israeli website. Here are some of them:

Samsung SIV Front

Home Screen

Samsung Galaxy SIV Home Screen Device

4G LTE Icon Highlighted

Read more…

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Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps for Your Smartphone

Get your smartphone ready for we are going to give you the Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps. At long last, you can spice up your dull-looking photos without purely relying on Photoshop. You can apply a variety of effects as you get to share your favorite moments to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Best Android Camera

courtesy of

Of course, we want what’s best for you. That is why we did some extra digging just to make sure that you will be able to make the most out of your phone’s snapper. All that you need to do is to read our list and choose the app that you think would be the best match for your smartphone. No worries. All of these apps can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

1 – Streamzoo
By Phonezoo Communications, Inc
Price: Free

If there is an app that is worth to be compared to Instagram, it’s none other than Streamzoo. And just like Instagram, this app features its own community of photo lovers. You will also be able to create your own user profile, earn some badges as you get to showcase your spectacular photos to your friends and followers. Truly, this app can be considered as one of the most brilliant camera apps that you can get from the Google Play Store.

2 – Instagram
By Instagram, Inc
Price: Free

Almost everyone knows about Instagram. Well, who doesn’t when it’s one of the best camera apps that you can download for free. Plus, this app is packed with a whole bunch of photo effects such as frames, borders and filters. You can easily edit your images in a matter of few taps. No need to transfer and edit your images on Photoshop. And if ever you feel like bragging your HDR quality images to your friends, you can freely do so. Just share your photo to the Instagram community and presto! You can have your own photo gallery.

3 – Pudding Camera
Price: Free

The Pudding Camera is more like an app that you can use to replace your phone’s default camera. It has its own camera settings and it also flaunts it very impressive interface. You can preview your photo in full screen and you can easily activate the flash in a single tap. And if ever you want to enhance the quality of your image, all that you need to do is to select a camera filter. You can set your photos to Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy, Triplex and a whole lot more.

4 – Paper Camera
By JFDP Labs
Price: $1.99

This app is apparently the only app in this list that cannot be downloaded for free. Even so, there’s no reason for you to step back. Paper Camera is a very impressive camera application and it can instantly transform your photos to cartoon-like creations. The outcome of the image will definitely impress you. It’s like you have paid a human artist to sketch your images. And if you don’t have any talent in drawing, this app will give you the opportunity to draw without using any ink.

5 – Labelbox
By Stepcase
Price: Free

Out of all the camera apps in this list, the Labelbox app is probably the most unique. That’s because the developers behind this app managed to innovate the concept of photo tagging. With this app, you can attach a variety of beautiful tapes to your still shots. To do so, you just need to swipe your finger to the place where you want the fancy tape to be placed. After which, input some fancy texts or shake your phone to correct any typing mistakes. You can also share your images to Steply, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter. Read more…

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WriteNSign – business deals digitally by Thrane Apps

Getting a required document signed quickly can be hard but with this app it makes it easy. By getting a signature digitally, using your iPad, is brilliant and once signed it is stored electronically giving you quick access to the document.

Creating a document through WriteNSign is easy and with great features like remembering certain details so you don’t have to write it every time saves time.

This application will only set you back $2.99, which is nothing for such a superb business tool. It has many 5 star reviews showing how it is a front-runner for this type of app in the App Store.

WriteNSign is developed by Thrane Apps, this is only one of their many applications for IOS devices. To capture a signature using your iPad touch screen makes business life simpler and I think makes your company look technology advanced.

Go to the App Store to download for only $2.99. (

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How to Mass Delete Facebook Wall Posts on Timeline

A lot of you are probably wondering how to mass delete your facebook wall posts. Given that you have enabled your timeline, there are certain posts that you wish to hide from your friends and public viewers.

In that case, it would be nice if you can easily delete your unwanted posts in just a few clicks.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have any. Instead, you are given the chance to view your previous Delete Facebook Wallposts via the Timeline’s Activity Log. Still, you have to waste a lot of time if you want to delete a lot of unwanted posts.

You could’ve just deleted your Facebook account but you can’t. It would be such a waste to leave all of your friends and build a new network. We know how that feels for we almost did the same thing.

Right now, the only way to clean your Facebook Timeline is to be patient. You have to be willing to spend at least a week just for the sake of cleaning your timeline. It’s a very tedious job that almost everyone would prefer to avoid.

Don’t worry. There’s still hope. All that you need to do is to Read more…

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All In One Headset for All Devices

Is there actually an all-in-one headset for different devices? Well, the answer is none.

Perhaps in the near future when all gadget manufacturers will be united and agree in one design of the headset.

Well, my problem was like this. I love listening to music ( I think everybody does). I listen to my collection of songs in my laptop every time I work. I was using a headset that came in the box with my laptop which we bought from Hong Kong. I’m also using this headset for my skype chat and when watching movies too.

However, I’m switching to another headset every time I want music to accompany me in my jogging routines. I’m using my smartphone that doubles as an MP3 player.

Headset Buddy Adapter

My laptop and the smartphone I’m using have different plugs for the headset and so I used to have two headsets. This was where my dilemma comes in. Sometimes, no, not sometimes but often I forgot which is which. I’m using the same brand of headsets but the plugs are different even if they look identical. One has smaller plug which according to the box that comes with it has 2.5mm in diameter while the other one is 3.5mm.

My dilemma comes to an end when I’ve found the Headset Buddy adapter. I was not fully aware that such devices exist. It’s just actually a very simple device that Read more…

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Get 12 GB of FREE Storage on Sugarsync

I just received an email from SugarSync today regarding their promo on how to get additional 12GB free storage.

I’m a fan of cloud services like SugarSync. To tell you honestly, I’ve been using SugarSync and Dropbox extensively. I’m using them when sharing project documents between my PCs and laptop. Of course, when sharing files and images too to my family members and close friends.


And now, I’m excited to find out SugarSync is giving out 12 GB for free and I’m dying to get more. Sugarsync is my primary tools in backing up my files and it enables me to access them too anywhere, anytime.

You too dear readers, have this chance to get free SugarySync storage. All you have to do is share SugarSync to your friends and tell them to use it.

Here’s the official announcement from SugarSync. Read more…

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New Mobile Phones Technology to be Released this Year

The quick change in innovations has set trends in mobile phones technology over the last decade. This 2012 the same is expected for consumers to enjoy. Big companies of Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, INQ Cloud, Blackberry, Apple and HTC are going to offer their range of products to be their best yet ever. The battle is between touch screen technology and Android phones. Why one is better?

This 2012, there will be an improved touch interface among the mobile phones sold in the market. At first, it was a hard adjustment for users when this feature was first introduced, because of its limited usability. This time the latest Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry and Apple products will have an easier interface, paving way for a better touch screen technology in mobile phones.

Also, in terms of memory, an internal memory stretching up to 128 GB will be offered as an added Read more…

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New Samsung Galaxy Note- The Dual Core Android Tablet-Smartphone Hybrid

The New Samsung Galaxy Note is made to suit 4 types of personality: the on-the-go, business, social and creative users. Being a dual core Android tablet-smartphone hybrid, it was tailored in answer to your everyday needs of web browsing, email forwarding, games multi-experience, slide shows of photos and watch captured videos. Practically both a PC and mobile in one, switching habits is just simple and only takes one second. It is the innovation of pen and paper.

Featured Specifications:

  • 5.3” large screen + Light & thin design
  • The 1st HD Super AMOLED display
  • Minimum screen scrolling & transition
  • S Planner: Smart & Intuitive scheduler
  • A full touch screen + The S Pen: The best multi-input experience on the go
  • S Memo: S Pen optimized advanced memo
  • Instantly Capture and Annotate Any Screen
  • Expressive personalization of photos and videos
  • Rich communication of ideas and emotions
  • Advanced 8MP camera Read more…

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The New “Netphone 701” by Smart

If you are thinking of buying the new “Smart Netphone 701,” it actually costs Php 9,900 with UnliText and UnliSocial, but with “Smart Rewards,” this can be even more lowered, which makes the phone to really affordable for everyone. Its newest version, the “Smart Galaxy,” costs only Php 5,995 per prepaid kit with Php 1,000 load. The product was released to the market through the “Mobile World Congress 2011,” an event with senior mobile leaders as participants coming from varied countries across the globe.

In terms of user amenity, there are 3000+ of applications to choose from and download. Most of them are free to get at the Android market. Examples of these are: Read more…

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