Cobian Backup : Couldn’t Create The Destination Directory

I’m a fan of Cobian Backup, the best FREE backup software that I’ve tried. In fact, I’ve been using Cobian Backup for the past 7 years already!

However, when I upgraded the software this morning, I encountered a problem wherein the program can’t create the destination directory. The destination directory is located on another PC but connected on the same network. When I tried to write a file using Windows Explore onto the directory, it was successful!

What could be the problem? How can I write using Windows Explorer while Cobian Backup 10 can’t? It’s actually on Windows permission rights. The Cobian Backup I installed is setup to run as a Windows service. Almost all Windows services are using the “Local System” account. However, the other PC won’t let the “Local System” account to access the directory.

What are the possible solutions? 

First make sure you (or the Windows user) have the required access rights. You can easily test this by going to the destination directory and copy a file there.

Second, change the installation mode of Cobian Backup from service to application. The reason? So it won’t use the “Local System” account.

How do you change the installation mode?

There’s no need to re-install the software. All you have to do is open Cobian Backup (by the way, I’m using Cobian Backup 11 Gravity version). From the top menu, choose Tools>Options. Click on the Service and Application Control button which can be found in the middle.

Cobian Backup 11 Option

Let the Windows User Account Control run the control.

From the Cobian Backup Control Panel, choose Services, then click on Uninstall. This won’t uninstall the software but only uninstall the Service from the Registry.

Cobian Backup Service Installation

Wait for some few seconds, and if the uninstallation is successful, the Cobian Backup then will try to write on the destination using your rights as user instead of the “Local System” account.



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6 thoughts on “Cobian Backup : Couldn’t Create The Destination Directory

  1. It worked! Thank you for the instructions, and thank Cobian to made it easy to change from Service do Application without reinstaling the software. It is indeed the BEST backup software!
    [using Windows 10, Cobain Backup 11 and WD NAS 3T]

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