Get 12 GB of FREE Storage on Sugarsync

I just received an email from SugarSync today regarding their promo on how to get additional 12GB free storage.

I’m a fan of cloud services like SugarSync. To tell you honestly, I’ve been using SugarSync and Dropbox extensively. I’m using them when sharing project documents between my PCs and laptop. Of course, when sharing files and images too to my family members and close friends.


And now, I’m excited to find out SugarSync is giving out 12 GB for free and I’m dying to get more. Sugarsync is my primary tools in backing up my files and it enables me to access them too anywhere, anytime.

You too dear readers, have this chance to get free SugarySync storage. All you have to do is share SugarSync to your friends and tell them to use it.

Here’s the official announcement from SugarSync.

Get up to 12 GB additional FREE storage 
Simply invite 20 friends to SugarSync
  • Get 2 GB added instantly, even if none of your friends sign up
  • Get 500 MB bonus for each friend who signs up for a free account
  • Get 12 GB total if all 20 friends sign up

Invite your friends today: Offer expires May 31st


If you want to know more about SugarSync and DropBox, read Sugarsync and Dropbox – Free Online Backup

I also encourage you to read, Top 10 Powerful Ways You Can Use SugarSync.

So dear readers, I need your help on this. Consider it as birthday gift to me (May 21).

Just click on this box gift and it will send the free gift to me automatically 😉

SugarSync Gift Box


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