Skype Password Rules Finally Solved!

“skype password too short, skype keeps saying my password is too short, skype password length, not secure enough?” These are just some of irritating feedback anyone is experiencing when trying to create a Skype Password. I know the feeling because it happened to me as well.

After upgrading my laptop to Windows 8.1, I was “forced: to use the new Skype. I still want to use my old laptop with my current Skype account on it so I created a new Skype account. However, when I tried to create a new account, I’m getting stuck on the password field. It won’t let me use the password I want! I’ve tried at least three different passwords, but Skype won’t accept them.


Until I decided to find out what kind of password Skype really wants. After searching Skype forum, I’ve finally found what I’m looking for.

To summarize, a Skype password must: Continue reading…


Textfx Notepad++ Missing – Solved

I was doing some research and copied a title from a PDF file. Unfortunately, the title of the subject is written in all caps (upper case). Being a lazy writer, I opened NotePad++ to convert the UPPER CASE to Proper Case.

To my surprise, the function to convert the characters is missing. I don’t know how did it happen. I guess it was  when I upgraded the NotePad++ to the latest version. I’m currently using v6.6.7



Notepad++ missing TextFx menu

Notepad++ missing TextFx menu

I have  solved the problem by trial and error. I’ve found two methods on how to fix it after few minutes.

To solve the problem, all you have to do is to install the missing TextFX menu. How?


Here are the two methods to make the TextFX menu appear.

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Samsung Gear Hangs Up – Solved

After I wrote about the update of Samsung Gear application in my previous post, later that day my gear hangs up. I really don’t have any idea how did it happened. I think it was when I removed the gear from my laptop while charging and I’d pressed something on it. It could be the power button or the display. I can’t remember which one.

When I noticed that it was already on a hanging state, I did my best to press on the power button to either bring me back to the ‘home’ or I was hoping it will reboot on its own. Unfortunately, nothing is happening not even a flicker of light. I went home later that day from the office with my Samsung Gear on, all the time! I can even feel a slight heat under the display area.


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Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit Update – June 18, 2014

As I was about to get out of our house this morning and grab my Samsung Gear together with my S4 mobile phone, I’d noticed there was a notification on Gear Fit Manager application to update the software.

I thought at first it was just the Gear Fit Manager application only. However, after upgrading itself, it connected to the Gear device and somehow it also updated the firmware.

samsung gear customize

I didn’t see any significant changes on the application nor on the device. Nothing was mentioned after the upgrade what were the changes. However, upon checking Samsung website, here’s what you can expect in this update:

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Read This If You Are On eBay – Do NOT Ignore!

If you do not have an eBay account, you can ignore this post.

I was monitoring Google News site when this news splashed on.  eBay confirmed a sophisticated attack on their network which led to the compromise of private information of their customers, including usernames and passwords.

ebay-password-hackedIt is a recognized security best practice to use distinct passwords for different online services. (Watch out for our next post on best practices for password protection.) 

Unfortunately, as we all know, most users find it hard to keep track of separate credentials and tend to re-use the identical passwords, usernames, and emails for various online services.

If you are still using the same login credentials as you previously used for your eBay account, please change those passwords as soon as possible. Whatever the reason of your delay, if you have not yet done so, you should change your password as soon as possible.

It was even the headline of some major news outlet when eBay confirmed the incident.

In fact, I also received an email from eBay regarding the incident and requiring all users to change their password right away.

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Make Money On FaceBook – Paid $2M Already Since 2011

That’s right, you can make money on FaceBook alone. No, you don’t need to sell anything and no, you don’t need to create your own sales page either.

  • No product selling.
  • No need to tell your friends to Like on anything.
  • No sharing, just tell Facebook.

This is directly under FaceBook and some of it’s websites they have acquired like Instagram.

One user or researcher from Brazil was paid by Facebook an award of $33,500!

Last year, 2013, Facebook paid out $1.5 Million in total.

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Password Protect Your File and Folder

My first thesis way back in college was called Password Protect Folder. This was during Windows 95 era, when Windows OS was just starting to become popular. At that time, there was no way to password protect a folder ( and hey, I also made one to hide folders but they are easy to unhide) or at least I can’t find a better solution for me then. My professor in one of my computer science subject loved and approved my thesis. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish it due to time constraints and  my choose of programming tool then was not capable to deliver my needs.

The only reason why I wanted to password protect a folder or directory and the files within was to keep my programming source codes from prying eyes. There were so much competitive in our school back then so I’m doing my best for other not to hack my files.

I’m sure the reason why you are here on my site is to find the same solution – to protect your sensitive data.

And I’ve got the perfect solution for you. No, I didn’t develop it but it’s the same software which I wanted for my thesis.

The software I’m talking about is called Continue reading…


Google Desktop Search .cf1 and .ht1 Files

My laptop’s 500Gb hard disk is almost full to the brim. Looking at the screen image which I captured, you will notice the hard disk partitions are all in red already. It simply means I have 10% or less space capacity for each.

laptop hard disk red bar

What are .cf1 and .ht1 files?

These are Google Desktop Search index files. This is where GDS is keeping the keywords of all your files, either your mails, web history, chats, images and all other files in your PC or desktop including files that were deleted already.

How big are .cf1 and .ht1 files? Continue reading…


iTunes University with Free Books and Courses

My wife lends me her iPad for indefinite time. The reason? She got her new iPad mini last Christmas. It was a gift from her brother.

I actually can’t find any use of the iPad because I’m already satisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Until I decided to check on some applications that runs exclusively on iOS.

Have you ever wanted to learn a specific subject like Programming, Creative Writing, or even Acting? This impressive application can help you with all those things, without destroying your bank account.

If you are looking for cheaper textbook alternatives, then iTunes U is exactly what you’ve been searching for. Continue reading…


Skype Free Calls and Text To Philippine Users

I just received an email early this morning from Skype giving free call and text voucher to the users in the Philippines. Citing impact of typhoon Haiyan or locally named Yolanda, Skype gives free vouchers that is equivalent to a 60-minute call or text messages using Skype.

I’m not sure if the voucher is transferable, if it is please let me know if you need one and I’ll give mine.

Below is the email I received. I deleted the voucher code. Continue reading…