The Philippines is Asia’s Newest WIFI Hotspot, with Free WIFI for Everyone to Enjoy This Year End

With a whooping annual budget of more than 1 billion pesos, now, Filipinos can enjoy the services of free WIFI for all when they are in their schools, visiting parks, local airports, walking dogs at parks, being at the hospital and other places across the land. Bloomberg’s has said, along their website post, that the main reason was due to a defensive argument by lawmakers on constant slow Internet connection in the country, where speed has been found to be comparable only with Afghanistan in Asia (data results reported by the International Data Corp. or IDC.) And, these guys won. Such wonderful project should be able to cut-down data charges in the Philippines, by end of 2016.

 A Free WIFI for all also means that profits are getting lower for PLDT and Globe Telecom Inc. in the next days to come. What does this mean? Well, such big change in our I.T. industry should also boosts this top tech companies in performance and services, which might add better deals in the market for local consumers to benefit as well as choose from, in the near future. But, on this issue, Monchito Ibrahim, who currently sits as deputy executive director of the Information and Communications Technology Office, today, mentioned, what is important and should be a priority for them is a free WIFI supply to local communities with no internet connection at all, at the moment. These areas would benefit most in terms of clearer communication, faster emails and teaching the value of social media to the lives of the local inhabitants.

Furthermore, the project is expected to endow a suffice connectivity speed of 256 kbps, just right for surfing sites, using Facebook and web 2.0 sites and, also, conveying emails. Another country offering Free WIFI in Asia is Singapore, which is, actually, faster than what is planned in our country, of almost 2 mbps for their own users to enjoy. The same is also proposed in New Delhi, India.

According to Senator Bam Aquino, “What I’m looking for is really a major broadbandplan.” Although PLDT and Globe confirmed a draining of revenues from their clients in therecent years, the two (2) giants didn’t reclined in saying that they would help the governmentmake this dream possible. These companies are, presently, looking into the prospects of the said project.


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