65 Million Facebook Mobile Users

Facebook mobile users is now at 65 million.  This is almost one-third of the total population of Facebook which is around 200 million already.

The recent growth is due to the mobile service which Facebook started in 2006. Facebook’s mobile web site m.facebook.com works on any mobile browser. It has  x.facebook.com also which is designed specifically for touch screen phones like Android, Palm, iPhone and Nokia.

Facebook introduced a new feature called ‘Facebook Connect’. It is a system wherein a developer can integrate with Facebook for their own services. This will also provide the users a single log-ins for all Facebook services.

Mobile access is becoming increasingly important for Facebook in order to expand globally. Currently, the best mobile interfaces are found on iPhone and Blackberry. Facebook recently launch Facebook for iPhone 3.0 and people have been very pleased with the new features.

Nokia is also gearing on the same direction.  Nokia just announced a new handset, the N900, which uses a Linux-based operating system called “Maemo.”  This new gadget will have a Facebook application that allows users to update their location with their status.

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