All In One Headset for All Devices

Is there actually an all-in-one headset for different devices? Well, the answer is none.

Perhaps in the near future when all gadget manufacturers will be united and agree in one design of the headset.

Well, my problem was like this. I love listening to music ( I think everybody does). I listen to my collection of songs in my laptop every time I work. I was using a headset that came in the box with my laptop which we bought from Hong Kong. I’m also using this headset for my skype chat and when watching movies too.

However, I’m switching to another headset every time I want music to accompany me in my jogging routines. I’m using my smartphone that doubles as an MP3 player.

Headset Buddy Adapter

My laptop and the smartphone I’m using have different plugs for the headset and so I used to have two headsets. This was where my dilemma comes in. Sometimes, no, not sometimes but often I forgot which is which. I’m using the same brand of headsets but the plugs are different even if they look identical. One has smaller plug which according to the box that comes with it has 2.5mm in diameter while the other one is 3.5mm.

My dilemma comes to an end when I’ve found the Headset Buddy adapter. I was not fully aware that such devices exist. It’s just actually a very simple device that converts one size of a plug to another size. Now I’m only using one headset only for my laptop and my smartphone. I don’t need to bring two headsets anymore. Thanks to this simple but very usable gadget.

Now, here’s my single tip when looking for a headset adapter. Based on my personal experience ( which was actually an expensive one because I experimented on different adapters before I’ve found the right one for me), it’s better to bring all your gadgets to the store so the staff can find the exact match for the plug. And one more thing, the price doesn’t give you 100% guarantee of the quality. I bought some branded plugs but found out later they can easily be broken or the connections get loosen up in just a short time, specially if you will be using an headset during jogging, biking or any extraneous activities.

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