Asus Eee E-Book Reader

Asus, one of the world’s biggest consumer electronics businesses, confirmed last week that it is planning to launch ebook by the end of this year.

Asus ebook will about to start a new revolutionize way on how an ebook reader should be. Not only it will be the cheapest digital reader to be sold in the market but Asus claims its new ebook reader will be smarter and more versatile that any current available reader in the market today.

According to Jerry Shen, the company’s president, they plan to unveil the device before the end of the year -with different models.

This futuristic ebook reader has a hinged spine, like a printed book. It’s like you are just reading a normal book, using the touchscreen to turn on the pages. It has also a feature to browse the web while seeing the current text on screen.

Asus screens boast a full color unlike the current ebook readers that have monochrome screens only.

And  lastly, you can also make a cheap phone calls over the internet using this device  because it has a “speaker, a webcam and a mic for Skype”.

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