Checking Adobe Flash Version

I’m developing a web chat using Adobe Flash. However, I got stuck somewhere because the code that I’m using need a particular version of Flash or else it won’t work.

Adobe Flash PlayerHonestly, I could not find what DLL Adobe is using for it’s Flash (and player). I search high and low on my computer system but I can’t find the real one. Instead of wasting my time to look for it locally, I visited Adobe forum and found what I’ve been looking for. They suggest that in order to find the correct Adobe Flash version installed on my PC, all I have to do is visit the site ‘Check the status of Flash Player version‘.

The function to check the Flash version is hosted on Adobe site. Upon opening the web page, it will automatically will check the Flash version and it will suggest also if you want to install the latest version in case you are running an old version.

I hope this post can help other developers who are searching for the same solution like mine.

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