Delphinoy Unveils Big Plans

Today, Embarcadero unveils big plans for Delphi and here at, I am also unveiling big plans.

The last post of this site was January 26, 2010 exactly 8 months ago as of today. Delphinoy, yours truly,  is busy with a lot of things in the past 8 months.

Some of the changes that I’m planning to implement are:

1. Post at least twice a week ( I hope) or at least regularly.

2. Post more technologies update.

3. Post some tips on Delphi. I know that there’s a lot of tips out there already but I’ll post only those that I’m using in my own projects.

4. Post other news on software development areas.

5. Create a separate page for job offerings.

Promote and generate more buzz to this site. Join me in this new phase of Delphinoy.

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