Disk not formatted. Do you want to format now?

“Disk not formatted. do you want to format now?”. Have you tried connecting an external USB drive in your computer and saw this Windows’ message? This happened to me when I inserted my friend’s Maxtor external drive in my laptop running in Windows 7. The hard disk is my friend’s repository for her photos and videos. She told me the files are the product of her 3 years as a photographer.

When I’d asked her what happened, she informed me that she forgot to turn-on the power of the external drive while copying some pictures from her camera. It was already too late when she found out the hard disk was not functioning anymore. When she turned it on, the dreaded “”Disk not formatted. do you want to format now?” message appeared.
format drive windows message

Although the Windows is asking to format the drive,  the real life question is actually ” are you willing to lose all your files?”. If you are not sure, you better not to format it! So choose NO!

So how can you get your files if Windows’ can’t even access your hard disk?

Here’s what I did.

I fired up my Data Recovery Wizard. I call it Wizard because it can do a lot of amazing and sometimes mind blowing techniques that even trusted Windows can’t! It’s indeed a wizard because the real name of the product is  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional , and I’m using version 6 as of posting time (Note: It has free lifetime upgrades). One of the features of this superior product is being able to recover data from unexpected shutdown and any other unknown reasons that may occur. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order for you to recover your lost data. In fact, you don’t need to go to the computer shop and pay a handsome amount of money because EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will guide you every step of the way in retrieving your lost files.

When I ran EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, it scanned the external drive of my friend (the bad hard disk) and showed the files (on a preview panel). From hereon, I copied the files to my other good hard drive. My  photographer friend was ecstatic when she found out I was able to recover 99.99%. She thought everything was gone for good. There’s one picture that I can’t copy and when I informed my friend about it, she told me that particular file is not important and can be thrown away.

I was so happy too because I was able to help my friend and thanks to Easus too! By the way, you can download the Trial Version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional if you want to install it in your computer.

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