Download Your FREE Google Earth Pro and License Here

Yes, it’s FREEEE! Google Earth Pro version which used to cost $399 annually is now FREE!

I’ve been using Google Earth free version for the longest time. We are also using it in our family as an education tool for the kids  specially on their various subjects in school like Social Science and Geography.  We are also using it pretty much when we’re planning for our next vacation to give us information on how the city and terrain looks like. We enjoy using the 360 degrees images so we will know more or less what we will expect when we arrive in our destination. It’s absolutely a must as an education for you and your family.


If you go to Google Earth Pro sign-up page to download, it still showing the “free trial” URL but believe me, everything in there is free already. In fact,  you will see a bar stating ” Sign up is no longer required for Google Earth Pro”. google-earth-pro-free-sign-up-downloadYou can directly DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER FROM HERE and use the  code GEPFREE as your license key. After installation, just use your favorite email address to sign- in and the license key –  GEPFREE.


Download it now, spin the virtual world, “fly” to any location and zoom all the way in from space and view real satellite-mapped ground.Enjoy and have fun using the Google Earth Pro. Who knows Google will change it’s mind and close this $399 software again.

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