Earn Money By Stopping SPAM In Your Site

I was looking for ways to stop, if not minimize SPAM in my blog when I chanced upon SolveMedia Type-IN. It’s a new way to deter spammer and at the same time you can earn money as well when the user type-in the Captcha on your comment box and even in a Contact Forms.

SolveMedia Type-IN replaces the boring and sometimes very confusing Captcha with easy, human readable text in a form of Ads. Every time a reader of your site entered the correct Captcha, this time using Type-In, the message disappears and you get paid! That’s how easy it is!

Type-IN is packaged as a plugin or modules to popular platform such as media wiki, dokuwiki, WordPress, Drupal, disqus, vBulletin, phpBB, SMF, Pligg, IP.Board, Joomla! and MyBB. The API is also available to many popular programming languages, web frameworks like Perl, PhP, Asp.net and more.

I suggest that you implement this module on your site where users are likely will fill-up a form, for example your comment box.

Here’s a sample on how it looks like:

solve-media-alternative-captcha If I were you, change all your Captcha into SolveMedia Type-IN and let the checks roll-in into your Inbox every month.

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