Facebook Messenger for Windows is Now Ready for Download

If you’re like me who prefer to chat with friends while at work but doesn’t like a browser that is always open (in case the boss is looking over your shoulder), you may now download the Facebook Messenger for Window desktop application.

The Facebook Messenger for Window allows you to chat with your Facebook friends without opening your browser. It sits quietly on your desktop but at the same time check your news feed, new comments, photo tags, as soon as they happens and delivers notifications to your in an instant.

Facebook Messenger for Windows

Facebook Messenger for Mac will be available soon. According to Facebook “For those of you on Macs, we’re busy working on Messenger for Mac right now. Stay tuned.”

You may download Facebook Messenger for Windows here.

9 thoughts on “Facebook Messenger for Windows is Now Ready for Download

  1. Haha. I think that’s ingenious. I honestly think sending messages on FB while at work is a good way to deal with work stress but naturally, we don’t want the boss to find out about that πŸ˜‰

  2. I hate messengers, as much as possible I try to avoid chatting in facebook… I used to like chatting but that was like 12 years ago… I like e-mail better, it’s less intrusive… but having it for Mac users is a nice addition because it will be useful to a lot of people who enjoys chatting…

  3. thanks for the post. i chat while i work but do it on my netbook and never on my cellphone since there might be an additional charges for bytes or content whateve on cellphone service providers. but with computers i’m pretty sure it is free!!

  4. it looks more like the popped out chat window embedded in facebook before. but this is nicer – it comes with a separate installer. i will take a look at it later.

  5. i don’t like chatting in facebook…so i don’t go online on FB at all.. my friends know that when they want to reach me they text or email me or fb message

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