Facebook Privacy Going Public

If you are into Facebook, I think you seldom read the changes on their privacy policy.

Facebook is making big changes to its privacy settings that may mean millions of people begin to expose information that they previously considered to be restricted to only their Facebook friends to the entire internet.

According to Facebook definition of terms, "Information set to 'everyone' is publicly available information, may be accessed by everyone on the Internet."

Also, "The default privacy setting for certain types of information you post on Facebook is set to 'everyone.'

Facebook is aiming to get people to be more public on the site and that anyone who hasn’t changed their privacy settings will now see it “recommended” that their status updates, photos etc. be exposed to “everyone” – to the entire internet.

If you make your information available to “everyone”, it actually means “everyone, forever”.

You are free, of course, to change that setting.

If you’ve never edited your privacy settings before, Facebook will set the new default on the “transition” page to share all your posted content with everyone.

Only 15 to 20% of Facebook users have ever changed their privacy settings before, so 80 to 85% of people will now be switched by “recommendation” to share their content with the whole web.

There’s a real danger that people will go along with Facebook’s recommendations without considering carefully the possible consequences.

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