Free Norton Password Manager

I’ve been using Password Manager for almost 8 years already since I started managing more than 30+ email accounts and almost 20 blogs. Managing 20 blogs would mean, I have to remember not only the Admin password but also all the databases and sometimes even different CPanel login pages. Paper and pen doesn’t work for me.

One of my requirements for a password manager is that it  can syncs all my stuff between desktop, web and mobile apps specially on Android.

I’ve been using LastPass to manage my password.  However, the free edition doesn’t have mobile support. Since I’m using my mobile phone more often than my laptop now, I searched for the best FREE password manager that I can use on my Android phone.  My search didn’t take long.

free-password-manager-nortonNorton Identity Safe is a free password manager that not only makes logging into your favorite sites easier and more secure but it is also available as a mobile apps for Android and iOS. It used to be part of Norton’s paid security-suite offerings, but you can now download it for Free!

Both the Windows client and Android app  have clean and very simple interface. If you are not using password manager, well, I recommend you take advantage of this  perfectly good freebie like this one. Don’t trust your brain to remember all your password for you. Sooner than later you will forget something. Trust me.

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