Frugal Alert! Save Money With These Sites

They say the rules of engagement in achieving financial independence are three-fold: Save. Invest. Repeat. And since we’re not really tackling anything financially in-depth here, let’s simply add to the ways by which you can save through these four online services:


One of the first considerations a business owner has to deal with is the name he gives to his business, product or service. A name may just be a name for some, but for a business, a bad name is bad business. Branding agencies can help if you’re having trouble coming up with a catchy, relevant and easy-to-remember name, but they can cost you a lot of money. is a crowdsourcing site totaling over 50,000 contributors from all over the world and all walks of life. To start receiving suggestions from this diverse group of people, simply register as a client, make the required downpayment of $50 for a name or domain ($75 for a slogan) and specify your naming requirements. If nothing fits your needs, you’re entitled to a refund. Yes, that’s how risk-free it is!


Forget Groupon when low-cost airlines and online ticket sellers are here to offer the deal of the day. Since the arrival of the two, the cost of airfare has cheapened dramatically. Nowadays, however, due to the very stiff competition among airlines, the best and cheapest possible deals may no longer be available on price-comparison websites. Airlines are keeping those deals to themselves or their partner sites to prevent customers from getting sidetracked by offers from competing carriers. Hence, the frugal consumer would have to literally scour every flight site, every airline site and every ticketing site for the best they’ve got to offer. If there are two words left to describe the experience, those would be time-consuming and labor-intensive. is a search platform that thoroughly sifts through 700+ individual airlines, hundreds of flight and ticketing sites and makes the data publicly available in a single site, dramatically trimming down the time it usually takes for a customer to find the best and cheapest airfare deal that suits his needs.


If video downloading is your thing, you’ll be amazed with this new application called YouTubeDownloaderHD. is a free online service that allows you to grab YouTube videos with relative ease, while not altering the video quality. To start off, simply download and save the application into your local drive. When you’re ready to download a video, just copy and paste the YouTube URL into YouTubeDownloaderHD, select the type of file you want to convert it into and the location of the folder you want it saved in, and you’re good to go.


Every business owner values productivity, hence, the emergence of tools that do just that. Corporate intranets and CRMs are just two of the many available in the market today. They get the job done, and at the end of the day, everybody’s happy. If there’s any negative to these tools, they can drill a hole in your pocket. is a cloud-based intranet system that comes with a free CRM, free scheduler, free messaging system, free workforce management tool, free photo sharing platform and a lot of other cool features. What more, the package is free for small companies comprised of a maximum of 12 employees. For more than 12 people, subscription is at $99 monthly. How’s that for pocket-friendly?

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