Getting a Better Deal on My Broadband and Home Phone Services

Almost everybody loves a mobile phone even when it comes to internet connection. No doubt. However, for a small home business specially a local phone service is still a requirement. Your clients and neighbors still prefer to call a land line instead of using their mobile phone except if it’s an emergency, I guess.

I’ve been using our current our broadband for the five years already in my small home office. With a good number of players in the market now with better offerings , it is sometimes tempting to look for another provider that can provide  a  much faster speed on a much lower fees. So I told my wife that I decided to look for one. I don’t mind using my current  provider as long as they will give me a better deal than what I have right now.

True enough, when I called my current provider I was informed that I’m automatically qualified on their loyalty program since I’ve been their customer for five years. They gave me an 8Mpbs with static IP and of course the free router modem to go with the package. I was only requesting for a 5Mbps connection but they told me they can install an 8Mbps since I’m on their business list instead of on their residential list. My landline was also upgraded so I can call  mobile phones within their network for free and another 200 minutes for other network.

After talking about all the features of their new packages, my sales agent offered me a brand new LED television for a cheap price.

I usually get easily turn-off when someone offers me something on the phone. Frankly, I hate cold calls from sales agent. I told my agent right away that I’m not interested with her offer. She kept on insisting the offer so to end the “sales talk”,  I told her to give me the brand name and model number of the television she’s offering and will just call her later.

At first, I thought they she was  just up selling me something but when I’d checked online and visiting some stores around our area, I’ve found out theirs is the lowest price tv deals you can find! I took the bait after few days. I called my agent and told her that I will get the television as well. My wife was so excited to get this brand new LED television. It’s actually a SmartTV wherein you can use it also for your internet.  Now I can watch my favorite news provider CNN while surfing the internet too! This is cool, right?

I didn’t get only a whopping 8Mbps internet connection and free mobile phone calls, but I also made my wife happy. Oh, I haven’t mentioned it’s my wife birthday last October 25 and she got her gift on time!

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