Google Desktop Search .cf1 and .ht1 Files

My laptop’s 500Gb hard disk is almost full to the brim. Looking at the screen image which I captured, you will notice the hard disk partitions are all in red already. It simply means I have 10% or less space capacity for each.

laptop hard disk red bar

What are .cf1 and .ht1 files?

These are Google Desktop Search index files. This is where GDS is keeping the keywords of all your files, either your mails, web history, chats, images and all other files in your PC or desktop including files that were deleted already.

How big are .cf1 and .ht1 files?

It depends on how many files you have in your PC/laptop and other files mentioned above including emails and web history. The GDS files will keep on growing as you continuously using it because it keeps on indexing your files.

For my 500Gb hard disk, Google Desktop Search is using more than 3Gb of my precious hard disk space already.

.cf1 and .hf1 files

Is it safe to delete Google Desktop Search . cf1 and .ht1 files?

Well, yes! It’s safe to delete.
1. Close your GDS application.

2. Go to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Google\Google Desktop\(12 alphanumeric characters here)

3. Delete all .cf1 and .hf1 files.

4. Open Google Desktop Search

What happens now after deleting the files?

Viola! Google Desktop Search application will rebuild the index again and you will see .cf1 and .ht1 files again but in a very small size compared to the previous copies.

small .cf1 and .ht1 files after delete


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