Huawei Ark OS – The New Operating System of Huawei

Huawei Ark OS, Ark OS, Huawei Ark, Ark, and Huawei Ark Compiler – these are the five brand names that Huawei has requested to register in European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

The EUIPO received the Huawei Technologies Com., Ltd. trade mark application for the names of Huawei’s new operating system on 24 May.

Huawei Ark OS is known as HongMeng , it’s internal and Chinese name. They chose another brand name, Huawei Ark OS, to make it more appealing to their international audience.

Huawei Technologies EUIPO patent application for Huawei Ark OS

On May 20, Google announced that it would partially cut off Huawei devices from its Android operating system but was given 90 days extension or till August 19 by the US White House. 

Huawei Technlogies on the other hand perhaps already know that this scenario might happen and so they made their own, homegrown operating system.

In April 2018, South China Morning Post, has already reported that Huawei is already developing their own operating system for some time, with reports extending back many years.  According to the report, the plan to build a new operating system was initiated by Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, as a backup systems but only for use in “extenuating circumstances”. 

The new Huawei Ark OS is expected to be compatible with mobile phones, computers, tablets, smart TVs, connected cars, smartwatch, smart wearables and others unified into an operating system, compatible with all Android applications and all web applications.

According to a Weibo post, it states that Huawei’s new operating system will run all Android applications, and if they are recompiled to run natively, they may perform up to 60 percent more efficiently.

The Huawei Ark OS is set to be released in the last quarter of 2019 in China whereas the global version of Ark OS may only be available in the first or second quarter of 2020

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