iPad Not Charging From PC and Laptop

ipad charger om usb laptop

Here’s are just some of the complaints I heard from my friends who are iPad fanatics.

“My iPad won’t charge using my laptop’s USB”.

“iPad is showing “Not Charging” when using the USB cord”.

Sounds familiar?

Do you have problem in charging your iPad using your laptop, PC or any USB ports?

Well, I do!

I left my iPad’s wall charger in our house and when the battery of my iPad goes down to 10%, I quickly asked my office mates if they brought their wall charger or else I won’t be able to finish my DragonVale game 🙂 . I was disappointed when they all shouted “NO”.

Luckily for me, one of our reliable network admin staff brought the USB cord (only), without the wall charger itself. I told myself that I’m still  lucky (or so I thought) because I can just plug-in the USB cord in any USB ports of my laptop and it will work. Boom!!! The reality hit me hard. None of the USB ports of my laptop works! Not even the USB ports of any other PCs in our office.

Panic sets in. How can I finish my DragonVale Game without my Ipad’s power? I saw one of our boss using a USB wall charger. Unfortunately, I can’t just simply borrow it because he’s using it to power his MP3 players (and he’s currently enjoying “his” music).

I’m in total despair! I browsed the internet if there’s any solution to the USB power problem of iPad. What I’ve found were mostly complaints and more complaints!

However, my search for the solution ended successfully. I’ve found a very intelligent and should I say smart way to charge  not only your iPad but including iPhone/iPod too! It can even charge your Apple devices up to 50% faster!


Here’s the solution that I’ve been talking about.

1. Download the application that turns any PC or laptop into a flexible power-up station for popular Apple devices.

*Note: The application will be scanned by an online anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-trojan. Just wait for FEW seconds and you’re download link will be served to you. This is to make sure the file you are downloading is free from any viruses, malwares and trojans. In short, for your security and peace of mind.

2. Install

3. Restart.

4. Plugin your Apple devices.

5. Have fun!

Click on the download button to download your FREE USB charger application!download-ipad-charger







Here’s additional download link:

Download USB Charger

Download link 2 for USB Charger

14 thoughts on “iPad Not Charging From PC and Laptop

  1. Waa I had the same problem both with the iPad and with the iPhone. I tried the steps listed above but to no avail… so I just bought a new cable.

  2. I think, this will be my option when our iPad charger becomes inefficient already but for the meantime, I will bookmark this page for future reference. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I feel you bro!! experienced this problem too but not with Ipad nga lang, have the same problem when my Samsung Galaxy note tab won’t charge and I don’t know what is the cause of its charging malfunction. Thank God! you didn’t spend a penny on your problem :).

  4. I don’t have an Ipad or any apple products but sometimes I got to experience this when I charge my htc to my PC, it’s not charging! Is this app can be used for charging other devices?

    • I forgot to mention, this solution works for any gadgets that requires a higher power input such as Android tablets or any China made gadgets.

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