iTunes University with Free Books and Courses

My wife lends me her iPad for indefinite time. The reason? She got her new iPad mini last Christmas. It was a gift from her brother.

I actually can’t find any use of the iPad because I’m already satisfied with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Until I decided to check on some applications that runs exclusively on iOS.

Have you ever wanted to learn a specific subject like Programming, Creative Writing, or even Acting? This impressive application can help you with all those things, without destroying your bank account.

If you are looking for cheaper textbook alternatives, then iTunes U is exactly what you’ve been searching for. You don’t have to be a student to take a full advantage of this application either.

Apple aims to solve the high tuition  dilemma once and for all by presenting its iTunes U application for use on its iPhone and iPad devices.

This application operates much like Apples’s iBooks app pr its Magazine Stand. Once in the application, you are presented with a “virtual bookshelf” and are give access to a special store that houses massive collection of course material from a variety of different Universities and technical schools. You can search for textbooks by title and subject matter.

The app also allows you to search for your current university or for school that you are planning to attend. From there, you can see what kinds of courses and programs you can expect at the school and what textbooks and materials their curriculum uses. Once a book is purchased and downloaded it can be easily accessed from the virtual bookshelf. These textbooks act just like their physical counterparts and even offer things like practice problem and test preparation tools.

The application also offers full length collections and programs from specific schools and publishers on a wide variety of subjects. For example, you can take calculus program from Stanford, or learn how to program from Harvard. These collections contain an amazing amount of information. You can view written materials, and pre-recorded lectures, all from the comfort of your home on your iOS device. These programs will challenge you with practice exams, problem solving games, and even mock tests. This creates an “in-class” learning experience without the actual process of attending a physical school setting. But that isn’t what makes the iTunes U app so important.

The biggest plus to this app is the price point for most of these materials. These virtual books are available for a fraction of what a physical textbook costs and they are identical in information. Some of these courses and books are even free to subscribe to and the “classes” can be taken without spending a dime. This is a god-send to the student who cannot afford prices textbooks and course materials via the “school store”, and allows them to be more financially stable while pursuing their degrees.

So looking on what to study next? or perhaps just want to check the league universities are offering? Why don’t you check first iTunes U and possible the course or subject matter you want to study if free for taking.

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