Looking for a new job?

Health and I.T. will continue to provide more jobs for Filipino workers seeking employment. Among the seven sectors that are expected to generate more employment opportunities, I.T. is among the top 2. Jobseekers even the millions fresh graduates may not experience a hard time looking for a job due to a brighter employment prediction this year.

The first 2 quarters of the year are the best time to look for a new job because generally the job market dries up towards the end of the year. Mostly, specially Filipinos don’t resign on Decembers because aside from the 13th month pay they’ll also get some freebies from employers for the holiday seasons. If the company is performing well, they might also throw some 1-2 months bonus.

BUT when is really the right time to look for another job? Of course the most obvious answer is when you are not satisfied anymore with your current work. Dissatisfaction will lead you nowhere. For those who are  content with your work, try to consider your next step too. Know where to improve and perhaps get more responsibilities that will bring you to the next level of your career.

Being a member of HRPhilippines, I’m planning to advertise for FREE  all I.T. related jobs that they are posting in our groups. So if you are looking for your next job or for a more challenging responsibility, Delphinoy.com will provide real time all I.T. jobs fresh and direct from human resources  department of different companies here in the Philippines and abroad.

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