Looking for the Best Web Host Service Provider?

Are you looking for the best web host provider for your online business? Or perhaps a web hosting for bloggers?

I suggest that do your assignment.  Don’t be in hurry to sign-up whenever you see one. There are so many web host service providers out there that will make your head spin and wouldn’t know which one to choose.  Some will even promise you the stars and the heaven just to bait you in placing your order.

Most if not all bloggers or site owners first consideration is their budget. In reality, there are more important features that you need check aside from the price. Most web host service providers’ price differences is insignificant nowadays. Based on my more than a decade experience in the Information Technology, there are more important features that you should be looking.

My top 2 features that I’m looking for are : Uptime  or Reliability and Customer Support.

Uptime or Reliability – Search for a web host provider that will guarantee a 99% uptime.  Remember this is an online world.  Your site or blog must be running  24×7  and should be up  for at least 99% all the time. Ask the service provider if they can guarantee it. Ask for money back guarantee if they can’t deliver their promises.

Customer Support – As I’ve mentioned, your online business is open 24×7 and so thus the customer support of your web host service provider  should be too!  An online business most specially those who are selling online is not limited to your local time only. If something goes wrong, you should be able to get in touch with the customer or technical support of your web host service provider.

There are other features like the disk space they will provide, bandwidth, databases and more, but for me these are secondary factors already. Looking for the web host service provider is easy, but looking for the best will take a bit of your time but don’t be discourage. You don’t need to to hop in from one web host provider to another just to search for the best. There are now  directories that will give the list and features of each web host providers. Most of these directories have their own reviews and web host guide as well so you won’t get lost.

I suggest that you better check the reviews and comparisons of different web hosting providers instead of going to their site directly.

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