Make Money On FaceBook – Paid $2M Already Since 2011

That’s right, you can make money on FaceBook alone. No, you don’t need to sell anything and no, you don’t need to create your own sales page either.

  • No product selling.
  • No need to tell your friends to Like on anything.
  • No sharing, just tell Facebook.

This is directly under FaceBook and some of it’s websites they have acquired like Instagram.

One user or researcher from Brazil was paid by Facebook an award of $33,500!

Last year, 2013, Facebook paid out $1.5 Million in total.

How Can You Make Money?

By telling Facebook what is wrong on their sites, or simply be a Bug Bounty Hunter for them.

Facebook’s bug bounty program started in 2011 and since then, the company paid over $2M already. The average reward last year was at $2,204.

Users from India contributed the largest number of valid bugs numbering to 136 with an average payment of $1,353.

As mentioned above, Reginaldo Silva received the largest payout of $33,500 for discovering a bug where external entities can read files inside a Facebook web server and can access an internal service than can execute a code.

A total of almost 15,000 bugs were submitted last year however only 687 were valid.

So instead of brushing aside the error you are experiencing when using Facebook, why don’t you just report it to the social network giant. Who knows you might be the next highest recipient of $$$ from Facebook.

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