Relaunching of Delphinoy

Most of you are probably wondering why there’s not much update here within the last 2 months. This is because of some feedbacks from various colleagues which I received and they want the jobs category to be separated totally from the personal blog and news. With the released of the new version WordPress, I intend to re-organize and relaunch the website.

Watch out for a more organized, less cluttered, easier to navigate and more importantly ,a user friendly layout of Delphinoy.

One thought on “Relaunching of Delphinoy

  1. Hi Delphinoy,
    This site is awesome. I am also a Delphi Programmer and I’ve been working here in the Philippines for almost 2 years with Delphi and I can say that Delphi is a great tool. Most POS systems here in the Philippines were made from Delphi and I wonder why there isn’t any Delphi Users Group here.

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