Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps for Your Smartphone

Get your smartphone ready for we are going to give you the Top 10 Best Android Camera Apps. At long last, you can spice up your dull-looking photos without purely relying on Photoshop. You can apply a variety of effects as you get to share your favorite moments to your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Best Android Camera

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Of course, we want what’s best for you. That is why we did some extra digging just to make sure that you will be able to make the most out of your phone’s snapper. All that you need to do is to read our list and choose the app that you think would be the best match for your smartphone. No worries. All of these apps can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

1 – Streamzoo
By Phonezoo Communications, Inc
Price: Free

If there is an app that is worth to be compared to Instagram, it’s none other than Streamzoo. And just like Instagram, this app features its own community of photo lovers. You will also be able to create your own user profile, earn some badges as you get to showcase your spectacular photos to your friends and followers. Truly, this app can be considered as one of the most brilliant camera apps that you can get from the Google Play Store.

2 – Instagram
By Instagram, Inc
Price: Free

Almost everyone knows about Instagram. Well, who doesn’t when it’s one of the best camera apps that you can download for free. Plus, this app is packed with a whole bunch of photo effects such as frames, borders and filters. You can easily edit your images in a matter of few taps. No need to transfer and edit your images on Photoshop. And if ever you feel like bragging your HDR quality images to your friends, you can freely do so. Just share your photo to the Instagram community and presto! You can have your own photo gallery.

3 – Pudding Camera
Price: Free

The Pudding Camera is more like an app that you can use to replace your phone’s default camera. It has its own camera settings and it also flaunts it very impressive interface. You can preview your photo in full screen and you can easily activate the flash in a single tap. And if ever you want to enhance the quality of your image, all that you need to do is to select a camera filter. You can set your photos to Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy, Triplex and a whole lot more.

4 – Paper Camera
By JFDP Labs
Price: $1.99

This app is apparently the only app in this list that cannot be downloaded for free. Even so, there’s no reason for you to step back. Paper Camera is a very impressive camera application and it can instantly transform your photos to cartoon-like creations. The outcome of the image will definitely impress you. It’s like you have paid a human artist to sketch your images. And if you don’t have any talent in drawing, this app will give you the opportunity to draw without using any ink.

5 – Labelbox
By Stepcase
Price: Free

Out of all the camera apps in this list, the Labelbox app is probably the most unique. That’s because the developers behind this app managed to innovate the concept of photo tagging. With this app, you can attach a variety of beautiful tapes to your still shots. To do so, you just need to swipe your finger to the place where you want the fancy tape to be placed. After which, input some fancy texts or shake your phone to correct any typing mistakes. You can also share your images to Steply, Tumblr, Facebook or Twitter.

6 – Pixlr-o-Matic
By Autodesk, Inc
Price: Free

Pixlr-o-Matic is a product of Autodesk, the developer behind AutoCAD WS. Thus, you can expect that this app will do a very good job in editing your images. As for those who are yet to try this app, you should know that Pixlr-o-Matic offers a wide range of filters. It may not have its own community but you can easily share your edited images to Facebook, Skype, Email, Twitter or Tumblr. With more than 100 effects and over 200 overlays to choose from, your photo gallery will never run out of cool and fascinating photographs.

7 – Camera360 Ultimate
By PinGuo, Inc
Price: Free

If you want to do more out of your stock images, you can take advantages of the photo editing features of Camera360 Ultimate. With this app, you can integrate your images to a variety of themes and fancy templates. And if you want to transform your dull-looking photo to a high quality image, you can easily do so. Just use the app’s HDR Rendering tool and your photo will be transformed in a snap. No need for DSLRs.

8 – MAGIX Camera MX
By Magix AG
Price: Free

If you are not satisfied with the features of your phone’s stock camera, you might as well opt for MAGIX Camera MX. It’s an app that will allow you to edit and organize your photos in a snap. So if you love to take a lot of marvellous pictures of the great outdoors but you hate the thought of carrying your bulky shooter, just install the app on your Android device and you are good to go. You can also upload your images to your very own online album with 500MB of free storage.

9 – Cartoon Camera
By Fingersoft
Price: Free

The features of Cartoon Camera can somewhat be compared to that of the Paper Camera. But unlike the latter, the Fingersoft app comes with six photo effects: Cartoon, Color Drawing, White Strokes, Dark Strokes, Sepia and Colored Edges. Furthermore, the app sports its built-in support for auto focus and flash. It’s also a nice alternative to your phone’s stock camera.

10 – UCam Ultra Camera
By UCam Team
Price: Free

The UCam Ultra Camera is a very promising application. It offers a lot of photo editing features and you can even snap photos on a pre-set template or background. Plus, it’s very easy to use and you don’t even need to read a manual. And whenever you want to share your pictures to your friends, you can easily do so since the app is fully integrated with social networking tools. It’s just that the full features of the app may not properly work on some models. Nonetheless, the Ucam Ultra Camera app is a very wonderful app as it brings delight to a lot of photo enthusiasts.

What do you think about the camera apps that we have included in our list? If you ask us, we think that these apps will go a long way. It’s a fact that Android users are constantly looking for tools that could help them make the most out of their phone’s features. Of course, the top ten camera apps that we have featured above are just a few of the many apps that you can find on the Google Play Store. However, a lot of these apps failed to meet our expectations. Even so, you are still free to download these apps to your Android phone.

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