What I Like about Delphi?

Every time I watch Chinese movies set on the Golden Era of China, I can’t help it, but be amazed by those actors who can leap from wall to wall or jump from roof to roof as if they are flying. They are so graceful, yet can kill their opponents by just using their fingers. With the right pressure of their fingers and precise location of your nerves they can heal or kill a man. This is how i see Delphi.

With Delphi, you won’t need a cannon or tanks to kill hundreds of your enemies. No DLL to bring along with your exe file. Small compiled exe’s, as much as 30% less than the nearest competitor.

The monks in Shaolin temple are the most disciplined people around the community. They follow strict rules to achieve the high level of being a monk. Delphi programming is one of the most disciplined methods I learned in my career. Only few follows such a methodology in programming.

The only true RAD and object-oriented programming in town. No opponents can beat Delphi in this area.

Database integration. Aside from other Borland (now Codegear)products, show me a programming language that can do Master-Detail table without writing any code. That’s the power of RAD, the power of Delphi.

Like monks who can determine a person’s character by looking through his eyes, Delphi shows the level of debugs in your program. Moreover, if you want to drill down more, Delphi can show you even the program in the machine level. If you can understand what each ? means.

Visual Component Library (VCL) with source? Yup!!! Having the source code can give you the right muscle that you can use beyond your strength. With thousands of third-parties components, and do I need to tell you that mostly are freeware or shareware in nature?. Why invent a new kick technique when a 360 degrees, full house can disable your opponent?

Got a new technology? Don’t be surprised, if you learn that Delphi supports technologies even before its inventor launches it? Just to name a few like XML, Corba, Midas, COM/DCOM, WAP, SMS, SOAP and Shampoo? tell me what you’ve got?

Just like Chinese KungFu techniques are being used in Hollywood films like The Matrix, Delphi will surely give you the power, grace and strength to beat your opponent.

taken from my Geocities blog(?), written in 2001

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