What’s The Difference From Using A Tablet And An E-reader When Reading An E-book?

Are you a fanatic reader? If you are, then you would love this article. It is about a comparison between one’s experience in using a tablet and an e-reader when reading an e-book. Surely, you have a copy of your own, which you bought at a cheap selling site for e-books. The addition of the online reading materials has been wonderful to us readers. Especially, there are more books sold than ever. Each with a special story to tell that is each unique and each informative.

Now, what do you look after before buying an e-book? Of course, this time you don’t have to read the back of a paperback to get a hand of the short gist or compare the books acclamations and awards. Online reading has made this easy. A reader would just have to scroll up or down to see such e-book features. Makes buying quicker and smarter.

After, a reader would have to know the author, editor or cover designer of a book he or she is about to buy. If the book follows the typical page arrangements, then the all of these items can be found at the front cover more or less. There are also other published ones who enclose the author’s description inside and the artists name at the back cover. Yet, with the e-book, you can find all at together in the first page in a PDF, EPUB or any library format for reading.
The number of pages always doesn’t matter. It’s the content that counts. Ask any fanatic reader and you’ll get the same answer. However, with the available reading materials today, reading can never be fun! The war between using a tablet and an e-reader makes it more confusing and more exciting.

Difference between E-Readers and Tablets

E-readers are gadgets designed only for reading text. Its features gives the user a total reading experience, because of the application names like book replacement, reading, readable, unitasking, portable, cheap, convenient, dead simple, intuitive, keyboard and like print on paper. It is solely made for readers and they would love it surely.

Digital Trends, a site hosting technical reviews, said that there are top three consumer choices on the Internet on buying an e-reader. These brands are the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, and Barnes and Noble Nook. What’s more better with an e-reader is that it allows a long battery life, since its e-ink screens doesn’t have any backlight additions, which makes it unreadable during the night. Thus, saves energy. It is also sold for a really cheap price.


Tablets are, on the other hand, the smaller versions of our personal computers. This means that the two have similar functions. A lot of the applications also can be installed in a tablet, which also means that not only can a user read an e-book, he or she can also enjoy the same features available at hand. E-mail forwarding, video capability and smartphone operating systems are also a tablet’s capability. Guess, the saying that goes, “It’s small but terrible” enters the limelight this time!

The Tablet is really handy with a general size of between 7 X 10 inches. Some of its famous brands are the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Hewlett-Packard Slate 500. Other words found in a Tablet are: multi-touch, multimedia, camera, multitasking, portable, photo, video, music, cool, flashy, computer replacement, pretty, games and dual screen, which are compared to an e-reader doesn’t focus to much on a reader, but on a user.

Did you get what this shows?
So, who do you think offers a more enjoyable experience during reading an e-book? Kindle Review, another known online community for updates and reviews, said that if you are a dedicated book reader, then the right choice would be the e-reader, but if not, then the smarter pick is the tablet. Why is this so? Isn’t it that the e-reader has smaller number of features at hand compared to a tablet? Won’t this make buying more confusing?

Which is better, E-Reader or Tablet?

The logic here is that an e-reader is a good fit for a reader who reads most of the time or reads too much. A tablet will be an excellent choice for a reader who only reads occasionally. Roughly comparing the two shows that:

  • E-reader allows a better reading experience.
  • Tablet is a handy PC you can carry anywhere.

A reader will love to buy a gadget similar to a book. An e-reader suits this most! A good advice would be to buy both e-reader and Tablet. Do things separately. When reading your favorite novels, poems and fictions use the e-reader, but if you are just reading other unimportant stuffs use the Tablet. Get creative and innovative!

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