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My wife and I’ve been looking for a good WIFI webcam for a long time already. Most of the available webcam in the market are either needs to be connected to a PC or on a hub. These  are what you call IP cams.

Although there are existing Wifi webcams already in the past 4 years with built-in webserver, they are either bulky or the video rate is slow.

Thanks to technology companies that keeps on improving this small but important gadgets, the latest Wi-Fi video cameras have come a long way.

The latest Wifi webcam from model WIFI-CA100  is exactly the webcam  that my wife and I planning to buy. It has the all features that we are looking for.  It lets you monitor your home, kids, business establishments, or anywhere requiring remote video transmission and supervision.



This Wifi webcam can directly access the Internet unlike standard “webcams” that require an attached PC.

Great Features Include:

  • It has a PAN rotation of 270 degrees and can be tilted up to 120 degrees.
  • Up to a maximum of 10 users can view the webcam at the same time.
  • Has infrared LEDs for better  night view.
  • Automatically adjust the video rate according to the network bandwidth.
  • Has support for motion detection.
  • Bi-directional talking and audio supervision.
  • Auto reconnect if there’s a failure on the connection.

Enjoy this latest and impressive Wifi webcam.

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