Xiaomi Phone – The Best Alternative to iPhone

Wait… I just want to make it clear that Xiaomi is not running on iOS but it uses Android as it’s operating system. So I guess, I should have titled this post “the best alternative to Samsung [write the model here]”, since most Samsung smartphones are running in Android. Or, better yet, the title should have been “the best alternative to any smartphone”.

To tell you frankly, I was excited when this phone was announced in one of the online shopping forums I was monitoring. Simply because of two things: Features and Price.

Steve Jobs and Lei Jun

Similarities between Steve Jobs and Lei Jun


Yes, believe me, Xiaomi will beat any other smartphones feature by feature, when it was launched.  It’s the first Chinese phone to sport a 1.5GHz dual-core chip.

Other mind-blowing features:

xiaomi phone with miui

  • 1GB RAM
  • 4GB ROM,
  • 8 megapixel rear camera, autofocus, F2.4 lens along with LED flash
  • Usual wireless bundle including WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS
  • Supports a microSD card slot of up to 32GB of memory expandable
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • GPS (with A-GPS) and GLONASS support
  • Unlocked bootloader!


Oh yes, I’ve mentioned the price, it’s only less than half the price of the new iPhone 4S. Xiaomin phone cost only US$310!

If you love browsing on your smartphone, check the full report of Anandtech where Xiaomi was pitted against some phones that cost double it’s price. According to Anandtech,  Xiaomi bested them all in seven of the eleven categories tested.

But here’s the glitch, Xiaomi phone is available only in China! I wonder when it will be sold outside the great wall.

11 thoughts on “Xiaomi Phone – The Best Alternative to iPhone

  1. Ok let me see when Xiaomi comes around.
    Hey is this a PR post? I think you forgot to edit something, do check it out.

    • Gigi, this is not a PR post. it’s just my own mini-review. please tell me what I forgot to edit.

  2. Xiaomi seems to be a good deal. However, I get stressed with touch screens, I’m so bad with it! I guess girls who love to grow their fingernails long should avoid touch screen phones (or ipads…)

  3. Wow, hopefully the company decides to make this available overseas. Cheaper alternatives to high end phones without compromising quality (I hope so) is a sure money maker 😛

  4. i just heard about xiaomi. i read about something very much alike. have you heard about goophone (google-Iphone I guess?)
    I have seen a lot of reviews of that over youtube and they say that it’s the best IPhone copy running an android os..

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